Bond With Your Children During The Corona Virus – This Is NOT Home-Schooling

With schools and nurseries across the Country closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, parents are understandably feeling anxious about their children’s education.

It’s easy to worry that your children will get behind with their schoolwork, or for you to feel under pressure that you aren’t doing enough compared to other parents. Most of you will have been given a lot of School work home for your child, which is certainly overwhelming. But the reality is that you are not a teacher, and this is not home-schooling. Home-schooling is a choice, where you considered and planned for it, this is at best distance learning.

So What Are The Important Things To Focus On?

Girl Playing Moon and Spoon

Social Isolation

When your child is at School they are used to being surrounded by children and teachers every day, giving them a lot of social interaction. They are now missing that huge chunk of interaction, and that is now your job to give it to them. It is so important for children to get downtime to be independent and to just relax.

If your child is missing their school friends it might help to encourage them to write to their friends to help them feel less isolated

Reading Every Day

Encourage reading with your child every day, whether they are reading to themselves, a parent or their special animal friend. If they can’t yet read, enjoy reading to them. Any form of reading is amazing for young minds!

Child-led Learning

Child-led learning is basically where children are responsible for deciding what to learn. This is a great way to follow your child’s interests and help them to learn the things that they really want to know more about.
Encourage your children to research something that interests them and show what they have learned in a creative way. This could be with play dough, clay, junk modelling or even paper-mache.

Outdoor Space

Girl Gardening Moon and Spoon

There are so many benefits to getting outside for fresh air, exercise and for children to learn the World around them. It can help enhance their problem solving skills, increase sensory skills and help with their mental health too.
Perhaps you could learn about the insects in your garden together, or find out about the different types of trees and flowers near your house.
A fun way of promoting outdoor exercise is to create your own outdoor circuit and do a workout together to help keep yours, and your children’s minds and bodies healthy.

Bonding With Your Children

Through all of the chaos in the world, we need to stop and take a look at the positives. Being forced to stop work and stay at home as a family is a great opportunity. Yes it is a struggle financially and mentally, but there are many benefits too and focussing on the good points will help you get through this period of isolation and turn it into a happy experience.
Enjoy the extra time together, play board games, create some art work, do a jigsaw puzzle, play games, make a dance video or a play, enjoy doing gardening together.

Most of all just enjoy being together and making memories.

Fun Free Resources for children

Below is a list of free resources you might also enjoy with your children for lots of fun based learning.

The Teach your Monster to Read app is currently free.

The Gruffalo website has free printable colouring, activities and recipes.

Twinkl. This is usually monthly subscription based but they are offering a free month due to the current situation. Full of brilliant worksheets and PowerPoints for all key stages.

Scholastic have free online courses for children to complete independently around any curriculum area.

Oxford owl is a fantastic resource for all primary ages.

Story time online, story’s to read aloud for all ages.

Top marks is a fantastic website full of educational games.

National geographic is jam packed with information, videos etc.

How stuff works. A great website for inquisitive minds!

Duolingo. Learn a language for free!

Cosmic kids yoga. This is a fantastic YouTube channel for mindfulness and are a lot of fun for grown ups and children to do together!