Our Dishes

A Selection of Our Dishes

Cool Chicken Curry

Tender chicken breast in a mild curry sauce with vegetables and mango and served with fluffy rice.

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Mighty Meatballs

Mini meataballs in a classic tomato and basil sauce in spaghetti and topped with cheese.

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Goody Chicken Goujons

Tender chicken breast strips in breadcrumbs served with mash, homemade chicken gravy and buttered carrots or peas.

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Tiddlers Fish Pie

Baked salmon in a creamy chowder sauce with petit pois, sweet corn and creamy mash.

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Lovely Lasagne

Layers of pasta filled with lean Irish mince in our classic mother sauce topped with béchamel sauce and cheddar cheese.

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Mothers Sauce

A blend of 7 vegetables so sometimes your children don't know how much goodness they're consuming

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With A Variety of Meals tailored to your Kid's Taste...

What is in our food

If you wouldn’t find it in your larder it won’t be in our food! We only work with suppliers who can offer us the best, freshest produce. Our food includes -

  • Premium cuts of meat – Specially prepared by a butcher to ensure it’s the perfect size for those little mouths!
  • Fresh veggies and herbs – If its in season we’ll be using is!
  • Delicious spices – Perfectly blended to make the yummiest meals
  • Pulses
  • Rapeseed Oil – For added omega 3 & 6

We don’t add any artificial colours or flavours, hydrogenated fats and only a little brown sugar and never ever add salt! We truly believe that nutritious food can be tasty as well.