Whats in our food?

Our food is packed with high quality fresh ingredients. We use innovative way’s to get nutrients into children’s food. Our dishes are rich in protein and fibre which help lower cholesterol and aid digestion. Keeping your little one’s heart healthy. Our food’s are packed with nutrition and keep hunger at bay, leaving more time to play.


Where Does it Come From

Premium cuts of meat sourced Nationwide – Specially prepared by a butcher to ensure it’s the perfect size for those little mouths! Fresh veggies and herbs sourced locally– If its in season we’ll be using it! Delicious spices – Perfectly blended to make the yummiest meals. We freshly prepare all our dishes in small batches and cook to order.  Nutritious daycare, creche, after school clubs and nursery meals delivered fresh and on time.


Freshly Frozen Food

Freezing, when done properly is a method of food preservation which may potentially preserve the greatest quantity of nutrients. Freezing allows us to choose from a vast selection of seasonal vegetables all year around and prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost doing the transportation to market. We purchase our fresh vegetables e.g: potatoes / carrots / broccoli / leeks / cauliflower from a local farmers market in North Dublin when the vegetables have been harvested and ripe then used in our dishes straight away.

We have refined our sourcing preparation and storage techniques to create healthy flavoursome gourmet quality meals which we hope the children in your care will enjoy.

We use a wide variety of ingredients to encourage children to experiment with as many different food groups, tastes & textures and whilst we don’t expect them to love them all, having such a wide range of dishes available will help them taste new foods that they may or may not other discover until older.

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Who Are Moon & Spoon

Who Are We

Keeping your kids content for 13 years. We are passionate about wholesome food for children.

Fresh Ingredients

All our meals are prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients available.

Dietitian Approved

All our meals are assessed by a dietitian passionate about what children eat.

Award Winning

Recognised for feeding your little ones with great food and amazing nutrition. Keeping them fuelled when they need it the most.