Benefits of Freezing Food

Here at Moon & Spoon, we appreciate the multiple benefits of freezing food! Our consultant Dietitian Gillian Killiner wrote this blog post to help explain the science behind freezing food and why it can be so beneficial. As always we engage with Gillian to help design and analyse our meals, to ensure they are both nutritious and tasty! Below is the blog from Gillian.

Freezing food can save food, time and money!


As long as it’s done properly, freezing food will lock in nutrients and freshness so your items are just as good as the day they went in the freezer. Freezing is a natural process of preservation.


Evidence suggests that freezing can preserve nutrient value, and that the nutritional content of fresh and frozen produce is similar.


It’s great to know that levels of vitamin A, carotenoids, vitamin E, minerals and fibre are similar in fresh and frozen produce and they are generally not affected by blanching.


Studies comparing supermarket produce with frozen varieties — such as peas, green beans, carrots, spinach and broccoli — found the antioxidant and nutrient content to be similar.


It is also interesting to note that certain fruits and vegetables when frozen after harvest will contain and retain more Vitamin C than the ones you find fresh on the shelf and that go into your fridge as each day Vitamin C will be decreasing.


So if you are not great at eating up your supermarket fruit and veg and you are often throwing it away – think about freezing it or else try some supermarket frozen alternatives so that you can be confident they will be as good or better than fresh ones that have been in the lurking in the fridge for too long.


Not only will this be healthy but help with the environment cutting down on unnecessary waste and really helps with saving money too!


All of our Moon & Spoon dishes are made from scratch and then freshly frozen. All meals can be cooked from frozen and come out delicious and tasty each time! Below is our Mighty Meatballs which are is a crowd favourite with our little ones!Mighty Meatballs early years catering